Wheels for Change is dedicated to the needs of non-profit organizations that serve the Mid Atlantic community and is committed to providing relief to those organizations who struggle with transportation issues. Wheels for Change provides a resource and an opportunity to secure suitable, reliable, and affordable vehicles to meet their transit needs for the safety, comfort, and dignity of the clients they serve. Wheels for Change will help develop a maintenance schedule and provide training classes to help the non-profit assume responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the vehicle to keep it safe and extend its life.

What We Do

Wheels for Change recognizes that there are non-profits who augment their services by providing transportation for individuals – both children and adults – with disabilities, illnesses or other limitations who do not have personal transportation or are not able to ride public transportation.

Wheels for Change seeks to partner with non-profit entities that provide health and human services, educational programming, youth mentoring, developmental sports programs, as well other service-driven organizations whose mission it is to serve the predominately underprivileged where reliable transportation is an obstacle or a challenge.

Organizations that might benefit by participating include:

  • Hospitals or specialty medical treatment centers that serve clients with specific disabilities or visual impairment
  • Child and senior centers
  • Veteran groups
  • Before-and-after-school education and mentoring programs for at risk children

In a partnership with Wheels for Change, we provide a monetary match toward the purchase of a vehicle suited to fulfill your Mission. Wheels for Change also provides consulting to ensure that the right vehicle, including specialty equipment customization, aligns with the non-profit’s mobility needs. Wheels for Change will find and negotiate with the best vendor to build or provide the vehicle. Wheels for Change also provides maintenance training to the organization to ensure efficient ongoing operation and safety of the vehicle.