Kennedy Krieger High School

Community-Based Instruction Group
Baltimore, Maryland

The Kennedy Krieger High School is a co-educational, non-public special education day program serving approximately 200 students aged 14-21 who attend one of three of the school’s academies. All students are referred to the school by a local school system, and are enrolled in either 10- or 11-month program. Students may be working to earn a Maryland high school diploma from their local school district, or a Maryland State Certificate of Completion.

For some students, the instructional experience is supplemented with the use of community-based instruction, which builds functional daily living skills. Students working toward a Certificate of Completion have the opportunity to participate in instruction in the community. This provides them with the opportunity to generalize their academic, social and recreational skills in the natural environment. Classroom groups are escorted by academic staff members and related service members to predetermined locations in the community to work on skills related to lessons taught in the classroom.